First Post: How the internet has changed the music business forever

The world wide web has certainly changed how human beings interact with each other. Business, education, the arts, politics, everything is different now since communication happens in a click of the mouse. The world is closer together and somehow larger at the same time. People can email someone in another country instantly, but the wealth of information the internet presents us seems to be infinite. How human beings find and listen to music has dramatically changed since the inception of the internet. In the late 90’s and early 00’s, websites such as MySpace and Napster allowed listeners to discover new and old songs for free or nearly free whenever they wanted, an unheard of concept prior to the new millennium. Not to mention the creation of illegal download sites such as the Pirate Bay, which lets users download music at no cost, while giving nothing back to the artists. Websites such as YouTube allow users to view any music video uploaded whenever the please, instead of watching whatever MTV decides to put on. Like Myspace, YouTube allows musicians to have an equal platform in which they promote their music.Therefore, artists have a much fairer shot at becoming popular than before.  Before, it was solely up to the radio and MTV to spread music, but those were controlled music executives, and not the bands. Now someone can post a video or Spotify playlist on their Facebook for their friends to see and listen to. For example, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has over 2 Billion views on YouTube. That is an absurd number to fathom, considering the best selling single of all time sold 50 million copies. The video spread like wildfire due to people sharing it with each other on various social media outlets. While some might disregard the artistic quality of “Gangnam Style,” the point is that more people are listening to and discovering a diverse and vast source of music now, and it is all thanks to the internet. Therefore, this blog intends to discuss the various products of music and the internet and their effects. From album reviews to music festivals, everything in music is influenced by the internet. Hopefully, readers might have a better understanding of why they’re listening to certain bands or following singers on Twitter.

One thought on “First Post: How the internet has changed the music business forever

  1. This is a really good point. I feel like technology, and digital media, have so many affects that aren’t generally thought about, music being one of them. Do you think that social media’s influence on the music industry is mostly good or bad?


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